♔ 𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔡𝔯𝔬𝔟𝔢 ♔

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𝔲𝔭𝔡𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔡 2021.09.19
𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔩𝔩 𝔲𝔫𝔡𝔢𝔯 𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔲𝔠𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫

♕ ops ♕

Metamorphose Venetian Formal OP, 2004                                    Metamorphose Polka Dot Short Sleeve Shirring OP, 2001

Garaus Velveteen OP, Unknown                                            Metamorphose Trumpet Sleeve Babydoll OP, 2000

MAM Gobelin Shirring OP, 2004                                               Metamorphose Corset Style OP (pictured with cape), 2001

BtSSB Dessert OP, Unknown Release                                               Angelic Pretty Princess Sleeve Princess OP, 2004

Jane Marple Velveteen Wing Embroidered OP, Unknown                           Emily Temple Cute Cherub Shirring OP, Unknown

BtSSB Collar OP with Detachable Sleeves, 2001                                               Innocent World Nun OP, 2001

Innocent World Rococo Doll OP, 2005                                               Metamorphose Velveteen Ribbon OP, 2007

Metamorphose Rose Print OP, 2001                                               Emily Temple Stripe and Lace OP, Unknown

♕ jsks ♕

Innocent World Velveteen Tiered JSK, 2007                                    Angelic Pretty Velveteen Babydoll JSK, Unknown

BtSSB Poodle Parade Dot Tulle JSK, 2003                                    Cornet Heart Pocket JSK, Unknown

Metamorphose Strawberry Mini Length JSK, 1999                                    Metamorphose Sweet Heart JSK, 2006

BtSSB Babydoll JSK, Unknown Release                                    BtSSB Karami 3 Tier JSK, Unknown Release

BtSSB Hem Scallop JSK (beige), Unknown Release                                    BtSSB Hem Scallop JSK (black), Unknown Release

BtSSB Tartan Check JSK, 2004                                            Chocochip Cookie Strawberry Print Low Waist JSK, Unknown

Metamorphose Crown Print Long JSK, 2002                                    Metamorphose Window Print Long JSK, 2003

Innocent World Ribbon Flare JSK, 2005                                    Innocent World Tiered JSK, Unknown

Metamorphose Scallop Hem JSK, Unknown

♕ sets ♕

Metamorphose Royal Check Set (jacket and JSK), 2004                                    Metamorphose Royal Check Set (vest and skirt), 2004

Metamorphose Tweed Set (jacket, vest, and skirt), 2003                                    Good Luck Ita Set, Unknown

♕ skirts ♕

Metamorphose Floral Print Frill Lace Skirt, 2003                                    Metamorphose Polka Dot 3 Tier Skirt, 2001

BtSSB Velveteen Skirt, Unknown                                    MAM Torchon Lace Skirt, 2001

Emily Temple Cute Music Note Skirt, Unknown                                    Emily Temple Velveteen Skirt, Unknown

BtSSB Little Red Riding Hood Applique Skirt, 2006                                    Metamorphose Telephone Print Skirt, 2007

Heart E Floral Corduroy and Velveteen Skirt, Unknown                                    Heart E Velveteen Skirt, Unknown

Metamorphose Back Frill Skirt, 2002                                    Metamorphose Tiered Plaid Skirt, Unknown

Metamorphose Gingham Self Fabric Frill Tiered Skirt, 2002                    Metamorphose Rose Cross Lace Skirt, 2003

♕ tops ♕

Metamorphose Polka Dot Short Sleeve Shirring Blouse, 2001                    Metamorphose Crown Print Short Sleeve Blouse, 2002

Angelic Pretty Frill Cutsew, Unknown                                    Angelic Pretty Shirring Cutsew, 2003

Angelic Pretty Cat's Tea Party Cutsew, 2012                                    Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Sleeveless Camisole, 2008

BtSSB Bunny Ear Short Sleeve Cardigan, 2004?                                    BtSSB Short Sleeve Shirring Cutsew, 2008

Emily Temple Cute Cherry Applique Sweater, Unknown                                    Emily Temple Cute Gathered Sleeve Cutsew, Unknown

Garland Shirring Cutsew, Unknown                                    Jane Marple Wings and Cross Open Work Sweater, 2001?

Jane Marple Crown Sweater, Unknown                                    Jane Marple Velveteen Bustier, 2005

Metamorphose Gauze Shirt, 2001                                    BtSSB Princess Blouse with Drop Embroidery Tie?, 2006

BtSSB The Wizard of Oz Cardigan, 2007

♕ outer ♕

Metamorphose Gobelin Print Cape, Unknown                                    Angelic Pretty Velveteen Jacket, Unknown

♕ bags ♕

Angelic Pretty Cross Lace Bag, 2002

♕ head accessories ♕

Angelic Pretty Candy Shaped Canotier, 2007                                    Angelic Pretty Fur Headdress, 2006

Angelic Pretty Ribbon Cross Headdress, 2005                                    BtSSB Cherry Lace Headdress, 2005

BtSSB Ladder Lace Spin Doll Headdress (black x black), Unknown Release    BtSSB Ladder Lace Spin Doll Headdress (black x white), Unknown Release

BtSSB Ladder Lace Spin Doll Headdress (pink x white), Unknown Release                                          BtSSB Rose Headdress, 2016

Emily Temple Velveteen Headdress, Unknown                                    Innocent World Chemical Lace Headdress, 2007

MAM Princess Rose Headdress, 2013                                    No Brand Raschel Lace Headdress, Unknown

BtSSB Bunny Ear Bonnet, 2021